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Sinus headaches are a common issue plaguing people of all ages. Often, sinus headaches come as par for the course if you suffer from sinusitis. Sinus headaches can make life miserable, but they are treatable. Indianapolis Sinus Center provides effective sinus headache treatment in Indianapolis, IN. If you or a loved one is experiencing throbbing, pressure, swelling, or pain around your eyes, cheeks, or forehead, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. We can schedule an appointment for a thorough evaluation, so that you can be on the road to sinus headache relief in practically no time!

What Is a Sinus Headache? What Are Sinus Headache Symptoms?

The sinuses are hollow cavities connecting your nasal passages. If they become irritated or inflamed, they usually swell and create blockages preventing proper nasal drainage. This can cause pain, pressure, congestion, headaches, and more. Because the symptoms of a sinus headache are similar to a migraine, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. However, migraine soften produce nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms triggered by loud noise or bright light. Migraines do not typically involve nasal discharge. Migraines usually come and go within a day, but sinus headaches caused by sinusitis can last much longer, especially without treatment. Common sinus headache symptoms include:

  • Pressure or pain around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead
  • Stuffy nose or nasal congestion
  • Nasal drainage (watery or thick mucus)
  • Worsening pain when sitting, lying down, standing, or bending
  • Coughing or sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Fever or chills
  • Aches in your upper teeth
  • Inability to taste or smell

Sinus Headache Risk Factors and Prevention

Sinus headaches are usually associated with a condition called sinusitis. Acute sinusitis caused by a virus is better known as the “common cold” or an upper respiratory infection. Symptoms may persist for a week or two, but they usually get better with medicine or treatment. If a bacterial infection sets in, it could lead to chronic sinusitis or chronic sinus infections and inflammation. Other causes of chronic sinusitis include allergies and environmental irritants, including smoke, perfumes, dust, pollen, and pet dander. Chronic sinusitis often lasts three months or longer and affects nearly 37 million people in the United States each year. Anyone could develop an issue with sinus headaches, but you’re more at risk if:

  • You have a family or previous history of migraines and headaches
  • You have undergone hormonal changes commonly associated with headaches

Sinus headache prevention usually starts by making lifestyle changes. Learn what triggers your sinus headaches and try to avoid them. For example, some people may benefit from avoiding tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, or certain foods or odors. For some patients, exercising regularly with warm-ups, eating a well-balanced diet, and committing to a regular sleep pattern could help keep sinus headaches at bay. Some women who take birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy may need to reduce or stop taking these medications if the hormonal changes cause their sinus headaches.

How Are Sinus Headaches Treated? When Should You See a Doctor?

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For many, sinus headaches are treatable using various at-home remedies, including rest, hydration, over-the-counter medications, decongestants, saline nasal flushes, and breathing steam from a humidifier, hot shower, or bath. However, if symptoms persist for over 10 days or worsen, you may wish to see a doctor for a professional sinus headache diagnosis and treatment. If you experience high fever, double vision, severe headaches, or confusion, seek immediate medical attention.

Sinus headaches are different from sinus infections and shouldn’t be treated using antibiotics. Sinus headache treatment may include steroid nasal sprays, antihistamine pills, allergy drops, or balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure in which a tiny balloon on a flexible catheter is inserted in the sinus passageway to reshape an area of blockage. Individual results may vary, but many patients experience immediate sinus headache relief with long-lasting results after this procedure.

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Indianapolis Sinus Center is an accredited clinic with the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF). Our specialty physicians participate in a Peer-to-Peer Education Program, training others in the latest sinus headache treatments. You can rest assured you’ll always receive the best quality care when you visit Indianapolis Sinus Center. Browse our testimonials to see how our ENT specialists can help you begin the road to a better quality of life!

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