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Our team of allergy experts will create a custom-made treatment plan that specifically targets your individual allergens.

A life without allergies is possible!

Check out what allergy drops can do for you:  

  • Treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms
  • Fewer allergic reactions without the need for shots
  • Improved quality of life for the individual patient
  • Safe and effective immunotherapy for long-term allergy relief

Life without Symptoms

Imagine a life without the sneezing, sniffling, headaches, and fatigue that come with allergy attacks. Allergy drops are a safe and effective tool to reduce allergy symptoms. Treatment plans may result in the body regaining its natural ability to respond to allergens, resulting in an allergy-free life for the patient.

Life without Shots

One of the most common deterrents to allergy immunotherapy is the need for frequent shots. Allergy drops provide adults and children a shot-free alternative for effective allergy treatment. They are easily placed under the tongue (sublingual) and allow the patient to avoid the discomfort that comes with allergy shots.

Life on Your Schedule

Unlike allergy shots, allergy drops are self-administered. No need for an office visit, no need for an appointment, no need to put life on pause. Sublingual immunotherapy can be performed at home, in the office, or any place that is convenient for the individual patient.  

Life on Your Budget

Sublingual immunotherapy can be a budget-friendly solution for allergy relief. Fewer office visits, fewer hours of missed work/school, less transportation expense, and more time for the things that really matter.

What is an Allergy Attack?

An allergy attack is a term that describes a complex series of reactions that begins when an individual’s immune system attacks a harmless substance that comes in contact with the body.

  • The substance that causes the initial attack is known as an allergen.
  • Specific allergens may include certain foods as well as environmental substances such as mold, dust, and pet dander.
  • Some allergens are seasonal and depend on plant pollination, weather conditions, and other natural factors.
  • Allergy sufferers often seek relief from symptoms rather than treating the underlying issues that result in the allergy attack.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is the process of reprograming the body’s immune system to naturally respond to otherwise harmless allergens, eliminating the attack as well as the resulting symptoms. It specifically targets the underlying cause of the allergy attack resulting in long-term relief and the potential for total elimination of the allergy.

Immunotherapy treatment plans are typically performed with one of two treatment protocols. Both treatments have been safely used for decades to provide long-term allergy relief to patients.

  • Allergy shots are known as subcutaneous immunotherapy and involve injecting the treatment under the skin.
  • Allergy drops are known as sublingual immunotherapy and are administered by simply placing a few drops of liquid under the tongue.

Immunotherapy gradually introduces allergens into the body to reprogram the body’s natural immune system response. The goal is to train the immune system to no longer attack the allergen. Full immunity may take three to five years, but significant relief from allergy symptoms is often achieved after just weeks or months of treatment.

Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots

Both sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy are safe and effective in providing long-term relief for allergy sufferers.

Allergy Drops and Allergy Shots both:

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  • Involve thorough allergy testing to identify the specific allergens that impact the individual patient.
  • Result in a treatment plan that is specifically tailored and designed to precisely target the allergens that trigger an immune system attack.

However, allergy drops have significantly less barriers for long-term patient success.

Allergy Drops benefits:

  • No needles
  • No requirement for frequent office visits
  • Self-administered from any location
  • Less risk of allergic reaction to treatment

If you want to experience the allergy-free life, contact us today to discover how sublingual immunotherapy for allergies can provide the relief that you deserve.