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Focused On You!

Same & Next Day Appointments Available

Focused On You!

Same & Next Day Appointments Available

We’ve reshaped the ENT patient experience.

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iscover comprehensive ENT services at the forefront of excellence. If you're grappling with ear, nose, or throat concerns, the Indianapolis Sinus Center is your dedicated resource for information on cutting-edge sinus treatments tailored to address infections, allergies, and various related issues. Our team of seasoned professionals stands ready to assist, whether you're seeking relief from sinus infections, allergies, snoring, or any other ear, nose, and throat complications.

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Dr. Sanders is great at doing his job! He is a nice person as well and seems to care a lot about his patients.

- Anonymous

Dr. Sanders was very personable and easy to talk to.

He explained what was going on with my sinuses using my CT Scan. He did not dictate what we should do but made recommendations and then helped us come up with a plan.

- Anonymous

They helped me so much. I suffered from sinus infections for years and theses doctors were able to solve the problem for me easier and quicker than any other doctor I've ever been too. Since the balloon sinuplasty surgery I had, I breathe easier. I sleep better. I can smell things I hadn't been able to smell in years.. The doctors and staff were so genuinely compassionate, caring and kind to me through every step. If I could rate them 100 stars, I would. I highly recommend them to anyone having sinus problems.

- Patricia

These guys are awesome! The entire staff was kind and courteous. My procedure was done by Dr. Hollencamp. He explained what to expect and was as polite and professional as you could want. Everything went perfectly and I truly appreciate the entire team! Thanks!

- Tom
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