Find Out If VIVAER® Treatment Is Right for You

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A never-ending stuffy nose is more than a minor in convenience. While it may be manageable for a while, you shouldn’t have to live with it for months on end. Nasal congestion and obstructions can result in a long list of symptoms that drain energy from your life. At Indianapolis Sinus Center, we’re dedicated to bringing top-notch ENT treatment to the Greenwood, IN community. We offer a variety of procedures, including VIVAER®, to alleviate your symptoms and help you live your best life. Learn more about this exciting treatment option.

What Causes a Nasal Airway Obstruction?

Narrow Nasal valve diagram

A nasal obstruction is anything that makes it difficult to take in air on either side of the nose. While most nasal obstructions are caused by swelling or narrowing of the nasal cavity, many patients’ conditions are the result of other factors. Elements such as medications, allergies, sinusitis, environment, and colds are all common temporary causes of nasal congestion.