Addressing Chronic Sinus Infections

Do your sinus symptoms never seem to go away? Have you tried all kinds of over-the-counter medication with little luck? You may be one of the estimated 37 million people who deal with chronic sinus infections every year. This painful condition can drag on for more than four weeks, diminishing your quality of life. Thankfully, Indianapolis Sinus Center is here to help. Our Greenwood, IN professionals will evaluate your condition and develop a treatment plan. We understand how bothersome chronic sinus infection can be, so we’re dedicated to bringing you top-tier treatment that will leave you congestion free.

What Is a Chronic Sinus Infection?

Chronic sinus infection, or sinusitis, is a condition affecting the lining around the sinuses. Typically, the sinuses produce their own mucus to keep the area moist and protect the nasal passages from allergens. However, some patients develop inflammation around the sinuses, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few months. If your sinus infection lasts more than a month, it may be classified as chronic.

What Causes Chronic Sinus Infections?

The main cause of chronic sinus infections is the growth of polyps. These fleshy growths occur on the inside of the nasal passages and can end up blocking them. Seasonal allergies are also a common cause of sinusitis, and a cold, flu, or respiratory infection can trigger symptoms. Yet other cases of sinus infection are associated with chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms

Patients dealing with chronic sinus infections often experience an array of symptoms. While some are what you might expect from a sinus condition, others are less straightforward. If you have a combination of these symptoms, make an appointment with Indianapolis Sinus Center:

  • Headache
  • Facial tenderness or swelling
  • Sinus pressure
  • Tooth or ear pain
  • Pressure and pain around the eyes
  • Nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Nasal drainage
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Throat irritation

Talk to Us About Chronic Sinus Infection Treatment

Fortunately for patients with sinusitis, you have plenty of treatment options ranging from medication to surgery. Every sinus infection is different, so the team at Indianapolis Sinus Center takes a unique approach to each patient’s case. Once we’ve diagnosed you with a sinus infection and pinpointed the cause, we’ll begin discussing potential treatment. Common treatments include:

Nasal Sprays: Regular use of nasal sprays can reduce drainage and minimize allergy symptoms. You may need to use a nasal spray in combination with a rinsing solution.

Allergy Medication: We treat the cause of sinusitis instead of the symptoms whenever possible. If allergies are causing your chronic sinus infections, we may prescribe an allergy medication.

Antibiotics: Some infections are caused by bacteria. If this is the case for you, we may recommend an antibiotic taken in combination with other medications.

Immunotherapy: Patients with allergies may benefit from immunotherapy. These allergy shots help to prevent allergic reactions to certain triggers.

Surgery: In the most stubborn cases, we may recommend chronic sinus infection surgery. This procedure involves inserting a thin, flexible tube into the sinuses and attempting to remove the blockage in the nasal passage. We may need to enlarge a narrow sinus to allow for better drainage. Our team will make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the surgery and its recovery process.

Contact Indianapolis Sinus Center Today

While a sinus infection may be manageable for a few days, dealing with one for more than a month can take a significant toll on your quality of life. If chronic sinus infection symptoms are making life difficult, get in touch with Indianapolis Sinus Center. Our Greenwood-based professionals would be glad to meet with you and learn more about your condition. From there, we’ll recommend a course of action that will leave you breathing easier.

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